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What is Comprehensive Essay Bundle ?
We work with our students through elaborate worksheets and exercises to come up with essay themes that reflect their personality, passion, and commitments This package includes all essays required for college admissions - UC, Common app, Coalition and College supplements etc.


What’s Included?

Brainstorms Essay Topics
The goal is to generate a large pool of potential topics which showcase your identify, experiences . After carefully reviewing the topics suggest our students the topics which can be effective in showcasing their strengths and demonstrating why they would be a good fit for the college.

Worksheets and Assessments for Essay Topics
Worksheets and assessments are tools for your students to help identify the topics for the college essays.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

UC’s personal insight questions require different styles of writing and should not follow the same guidelines as common app essays. You could write about your creative side. Your thoughts on leadership. A challenge you've faced. Whatever questions you answer, make sure it shows your personality.                                                           

Common App Essay
Common App Essay is a personal statement that undergraduate students need to share with colleges that use common apps. We discuss and guide our students on how to structure their 650 words essay.

College Supplements
Supplemental essays are a chance for applicants to provide more information to an admissions committee about their choice of major, extracurricular activities and their view on the college they are applying to.

Edit and Finalize
We work closely with our students through multiple edits to finalize the contents and flow of all the essays and make sure the right messaging is conveyed.

One more Review for Grammer, Punctuation etc..
Our final review process focuses on the grammar, punctuation of the essays which is done by the person who is not the editor so that the essay gets reviewed by multiple person internally.


Who are we?

Secure College Admission is working in the college admission counseling field for more than 10 years. We have experienced and certified counselor and expert counselor in BSMD/BSDO.

What is our success rate?

We do not define generic success rate but based on student’s portfolio best match them to the colleges.

Where our students are placed?

Our students are in all UC’s, CSU, private as well as IVY league colleges.

Which students do we accept?

Unlike many institutes of private counseling where they do not accept students whose GPA is below certain range we accept all students. We had students whose unweighted GPA was below 3.0 and students whose GPA is 4.0 as well.

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