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People Say About Us and Ms. Manisha Kand helped my daughter prepare and apply her applications to various colleges/institutes. Not only did she guide us opting for the best route across the various choices, she also helped us understand the impact of the choices we made. She instructed us to be able to get the best returns on the investments we made w.r.t time, effort and finance for colleges. Her acumen in the field of education guided us to be more aware of the way we should review, analyze and grade the various educational institutes. She has been a major help to my daughter to be able to apply and be successful in getting through to the field and college that she wanted to get into. Thanks so much, Manisha for helping us all through our journey.. from start to the destination.

- Poorva (Dubai)

I am Vidhya and this is Arvind - we are happy parents of twin girls who are now at the University of California. One of them at Davis doing Data Science with a Regents scholarship and the other at Santa Barbara doing Neuroscience. Thanks to SecureCollegeAdmission college counseling, on top of their own efforts, they were able to make it to where they are today. We chose to engage Manisha's services in the summer just before 12th grade. We figured it was stressful to guide them ourselves - selecting colleges, majors, SAT or ACT requirements, essays, and the application process were all complicated. There was a lack of awareness, out-of-date, stereotypes, or even wrong information from all over. We found they were more open to listening to a counselor like Manisha ji. Three things that we think were of great help: 1.She was quickly able to work w them to identify their interest and draw up a list of colleges - which had a mix of in-state and out-of-state, target, safe, or reach schools 2.She had periodic calls to help them shape every essay and review every application. 3.She was also helpful in picking the right university, once the admission letters arrived - sometimes the kids can get fixated on a college but that may not be the best fit based on money, logistics or other factors. We needed her help to have the right conversation with the children. 4.She was also available easily to chat with us the parents if we had any questions during this process. We first came to know about Manisha as a counselor through her workshop, about 5yrs back. Ideally, we should have sought her services at that time, when the girls were entering 9th grade. That would have helped determine the academic and AP courses, volunteer and extracurricular activities and shape the interest towards a stronger application. It is hindsight for us but would recommend to others. In the end, we are glad the girls landed in places they love and we are thankful for the wonderful job Manisha did as a counselor. Thank you to SecureCollegeAdmission.

- Vidhya and Arvind (California)

We were very fortunate to get connected with Ms. Kand. Her immense knowledge of college systems, a deep commitment to understanding a student’s background is something very special. She is very flexible and gives quality time to guide us towards realizing our dream very methodically while ensuring we stay focused. Thank you, Manisha for all your help. The last two years has been a great successful journey with wonderful guidance from you.

- Aneesh (Evergreen)

I was applying for Masters from Dubai and Manisha helped me in shortlisting colleges, choosing major since it was confusing for me to understand the majors and what exactly is it and narrow it down as per my interest. She researched thoroughly about the colleges, it’s social life and academic level as well as a financial aspect of it. I will definitely recommend her to by Juniors here in Dubai Bits Pilani.

- Poorva (Dubai)

Thanks to Manisha I got into Purdue for electric Engineering major.

- Gautam (San Jose)

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