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Bachelors + MD/MO Coach

Venkat works with students and parents through the BSMD/BSDO college admission process, for those who commit to medicine in high school. Venkat uses his experience and expertise to help students and parents to understand this program and how it can help students to submit a competitive application for BSMD/BSDO programs. Venkat provides in-depth and customized information required for the whole application process and assists students in every step to maximize their acceptance into their dream programs.

Venkat graduated with an MBA from the University of Phoenix with a major in Technology Management and holds an active certification in Project Management Professional (PMP) since 2007. Venkat helps students to create a detailed BSMD/BSDO college application plan, application strategy focused on their success. Venkat also helps in evaluating BSMD/BSDO college acceptance offers required for the decision.


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