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Who are we?

Secure College Admission is working in the college admission counseling field for more than 10 years. We have experienced and certified counselors and expert counselors in BSMD/BSDO.

What is our success rate?

We do not define generic success rate but based on student’s portfolio best match them to the colleges.

Where our students are placed?

Our students are in all UC’s, CSU, private as well as IVY league colleges.

Which students do we accept?

Unlike many institutes of private counseling where they do not accept students whose GPA is below a certain range, we accept all students. We have had students whose unweighted GPA was below 3.0 and students whose GPA is 4.0 as well.

How do we work with students?

We have monthly/biweekly scheduled sync-ups with our students. However, if students and parents would like to meet us they can propose the meeting.

For your packages do you have a limit on the no. of college applications, no. of essay help, etc.?

Once you sign up for our packages there will not be any additional cost or limit on the no. of college applications, essay edits, etc.

Do you provide SAT/ACT services?

We have experienced partners with great track records for test preparations and their services are not part of our packages.

Do you help with AP test preparations?

We have developed a one week live ( Virtual) crash course for AP biology, AP chemistry and AP Calc AB/BC math where our subject matter expert’s talk about strategies to get 4 or 5 score in AP exams.

What other services do you offer?

We have tutors for science, english and math subjects, as well as, Python, Java, APCS and AP CSP.

Do you help only California students?

We have students from most of the USA states as well as international students from India. We help undergraduate as well as graduate students.

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