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Our team of experienced college counselors has helped countless students navigate the complex and competitive world of higher education. From building a well-rounded college list to polishing your application materials, we provide personalized guidance every step of the way. We work with students of all backgrounds and aspirations, whether you're aiming for Ivy League schools or community colleges.

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Customized Package

We value parent's research and involvement in their child's college admission journey and sometimes parents want to take advantage of some of our services add on to their own knowledge/research. This package will allow parents to pick and choose services from our Preparation or Execution package and build their own package.


Placements in Top Colleges of U.S.

Our Students got placed in top colleges in U.S.


We were very fortunate to get connected with Ms. Kand. Her immense knowledge of college systems, a deep commitment to understanding a student’s background is something very special. She is very flexible and gives quality time to guide us towards realizing our dream very methodically while ensuring we stay focused. Thank you, Manisha for all your help. The last two years has been a great successful journey with wonderful guidance from you.

- Aneesh (Evergreen)

I was applying for Masters from Dubai and Manisha helped me in shortlisting colleges, choosing major since it was confusing for me to understand the majors and what exactly is it and narrow it down as per my interest. She researched thoroughly about the colleges, it’s social life and academic level as well as a financial aspect of it. I will definitely recommend her to by Juniors here in Dubai Bits Pilani.

- Poorva (Dubai)

Thanks to Manisha I got into Purdue for electric Engineering major.

- Gautam (San Jose)


Who are we?

Secure College Admission is working in the college admission counseling field for more than 10 years. We have experienced and certified counselor and expert counselor in BSMD/BSDO.

What is our success rate?

We do not define generic success rate but based on student’s portfolio best match them to the colleges.

Where our students are placed?

Our students are in all UC’s, CSU, private as well as IVY league colleges.

Which students do we accept?

Unlike many institutes of private counseling where they do not accept students whose GPA is below certain range we accept all students. We had students whose unweighted GPA was below 3.0 and students whose GPA is 4.0 as well.

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